Discover how you can put ads or call to action to monetize Youtube Videos.

This fantastic and unique wordpress plugin will provide you with a step-by-step tool to monetize YouTube videos. Best of all, Tube Video Ads plugin will give you an easy way to embed every single YouTube videos (even if they are not yours) and put ads and call to action on in a matter of seconds. It is that powerful.

How It Works

To start earning right now fro the videos on your site, just follow these simple steps.

Time 0:0 Installation
Time 0:37 Button Mode
Time 3:29 Banner Mode


See the following examples to understand all the features of this plugin.

EXAMPLE: Banner (150x150) that shows up after 4 secs at the top right position.
Click Play to see. And then click the banner to see what happens.

Free Version

To download and test the free version, login at your wordpress dashboard and:

1) Go to Plugin --> Add New

2) Digit inside the search box Tube Video Ads

3) Clic on Install link to proceed

That's it!

Buy & Dwonlad

Installation and setup takes less then 2 mins

Start to Monetize YouTube Videos Easily!

Money Back Guarantee

Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is very simple: if for any reason at all
you are not completely satisfied with your experience with Tube Video Ads plugin
within the first 30 days after its purchased, your money will be completely refunded.
No question asked.


Tracy Sullivan:"The best part of this plugin is, you don't even
have to own the video. Infact, you can use Tube Video Ads plugin
with any video from among the MILLIONS already present on Youtube."

Robert Becker:"Every time a visitor of my website clicks on these ads
bring me affiliate commissions and CPA sales. It is that simple and easy."